Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Fun!

I know I promised an update on my weekend yesterday, but things happen. Basically it was a weekend full of drinking good beer, relaxing, and touring the city! We made a trip to Dragonmead (my favorite Detroit Brewer), Bell's Brewery (which I had never been too), The Baltimore (which is a bar from the new TV show about Detroit, called Low Winter Sun), touring Greek Town, and the highlight of my weekend was The Gilmore Museum that we visited Sunday. I want to give a warning that my boyfriend is a car guy and this makes for many trips to car museums and car shows. I'm a good sport most of the time, but The Gilmore Museum was actually SO much fun...but if this isn't your thing stop reading now! The museum has about 12 buildings to tour through, they are mostly barns that are restored. You walk on paths throughout the land and tour through the buildings at your own leisure. 

{all pictures via personal photos}
These are the pictures from our Sunday trip to The Gilmore Museum
I have a thing for all things vintage including cars!

I loved this 50's outfit! So classy!

These are old hood ornaments for the front of a persons car.

This would be the most beautiful place to get married. 

They had a tour bus!

Josh climbed up inside and I snapped a shot.

I adored this little scooter!

They even had a functional vintage diner! The women inside talked and dressed in period appropriate clothing.

I loved all the little scenes they had set up and the oldies music they played through the buildings.

Josh loves AMCs (A car company that went out of business) The Hudson section was one of his favorite parts.

I badly want one of these old campers!

Isn't this the cutest little car! It's a metropolitan.

This is one of the buildings on the property.

How cool...this old car pulling an old camper!

At first he started out cute just waving then...

This happened! He's such a goofball :) But isn't this barn cool!

Another little scene set up to show an old school room!

Old school bus, those kids went to school in style!

I want Josh to get an old hat like this!

Then after we left the museum we headed to Bell's Brewery and the inside was so cool...that is an old train rail!

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