Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all! I have been non-stop busy the last couple days, leaving no time for blogging. Although I worked all weekend Joshua and I decided that we were not going to let that stop us from having an awesome weekend. Saturday Josh picked me up from work and we headed two hours up north to Grand Rapids, MI! We only stayed the night up their since I had to be back at work at 3 on Sunday, but it made my weekend seem so much longer!

{picture via personal photo}
We were excited to be on our way!

{picture via personal photo}
We couldn't leave without making stupid faces!

{picture via personal photo}
The real reason for the trip was to visit Josh's favorite brewery. Founders!
Doesn't he look so happy with his beer?

{picture via personal photo}
They had some of the best beer/food we have ever had!

{picture via personal photo}
Snapped this picture when I realized it really is starting to be Fall (mine and Josh's favorite time of year). How gorgeous are all these different colored trees.

{picture via personal photo}
Before we left for our trip we did a little shopping.
I am obsessed with these shoes Josh picked up. 
You can get them here for only $59! They run true to size.

{picture via AE}
click the link to see the entire pant!
I got a pair of knit jeggings in this color (so out of my normal comfort zone)

{picture via personal photo}
Sorry for the blurry picture? Not sure what happened. But I adore this shirt I found. It's hunter green with a sheer back and you can kind of see the lace that covers the top of the front of the shirt. I got it with my awesome discount at AE

I loved having the alone time with my amazing boyfriend and being able to have fun even though I worked all weekend. Have a great day everyone! My week of Detroit love starts later today too so make sure you check out all things great about Detroit!

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