Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This weekend Josh and I are having a friend from Pennsylvania come into town. I have the entire weekend off so we will be off doing all kinds of fun things. He will be arriving tomorrow night and staying through Monday. We have a list of classic Detroit/Michigan staples to visit, as well as, lots of new adventures that we haven't done yet! Looking forward to it and I can't wait to share Monday all about our weekend! Enjoy some pictures of Detroit...I bet they will surprise you!

{picture via MidwestLiving}
I live on this river walk. It is absolutely beautiful. 

{picture via Pinterest}

{picture via personal photo}

{picture via Mimpix}
Currently this is a beach and in the winter they make it an ice rink. 

{picture via Abandoned Detroit}
If you have a second go to that link. There are tons of beautiful abandoned buildings in Detroit!

Who said Detroit wasn't pretty! You take the good with that bad in every city you live. I enjoyed my time here and I have planned in the next couple of weeks to take an entire week and share all the amazing things that are here in this lost city. But in the mean time I can't wait for a weekend of friends, beer, and relaxation!

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